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Monday, November 09, 2009

Cross Skillz Clinic Alert!

"Bye bye weekend!"

Oh Lordy, another Monday has rolled in like so many Nermals in a 3 panel "Garfield". The Blog was busy this past weekend defiling the musical memory of Dvorak and Prokofiev in the desolate wasteland known as "out of season Myrtle Beach", but dearest Joshie went to the Queen City Saturday for some NC Series cross racing. Joshie wasn't feeling his best and sadly, his sub-par showing reflected his growing tapeworm and retinal ulcer which have effected his mid-season form. Good luck with those "things" my dear boy! While Joshie finished near the back, he said the Ibis and the pink IRDs were the belle of the ball. Speaking of cross, Charleston Bicycle Company is running a cross clinic this weekend and next weekend.

Where were these back in September when it would've done the Blog some good? Oh well, we thank ye for your efforts Charleston Bike Company. AND speaking of efforts, many thanks to Campagnolo for the post-Ian memorial flowers. They're in the lobby looking and smelling quite lovely. This wonderful gesture shan't be forgotten, until my amnesia pills wear off. Grazie!

1 comment:

Justin said...

Out of season Myrtle Beach rules. The House of Blues sucks.