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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rank Amateurs: CX-RATED!

Hendersonville Cross, CX3, CX4, blah blah blibbity blah blah! It's Thanksgiving Eve you scurrilous cretins! Shouldn't you be pretending to enjoy quality time with your inlaws OR STUFFING YOUR GAPING MAW WITH CANDIED TREATS!?!?!? Once again The Blog beseeches your forgiveness in regards to the hastiness of this post. There have been "strange occurrences" within the hallowed Hawley halls that require our undivided attention. Ever heard of "Cloverfield"? Well instead of NYC, shift locales to our breakroom and you might understand what I'm gettin' at!

Joshie on Saturday. You can tell cuz it's sunny and theres no mud. Lookin' good in those Craft knickers, pretty boy. I wouldn't mind - (edit)
This fella rode with his seatpost upside down for 45 minutes! Can you imagine that?

And now, we move on to Sunday....
Ole Bloggy and his baggy Craft Pro Warm billowing out from beneath his jersey. Does it get anymore amateur hour than this???Caught slippin'

This fellow stood perfectly still in this position for hours...
Challenge's FANGOS (TIRE84249 for those of you playing along in our online catalog) devour the mud!!!

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