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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Crossbones Style: Eric's Mad Skillz

(Yeah, I know it's a Catpower song, but I couldn't think of a good title with "cross" in it. I remember seeing them play 10 years ago and asking drunken hipsters, "Do you know when Elfpower starts playing? I drove like 14 hours for this show!" over and over. This was before the hipsters discovered the track bike and ironic facial hair)

A few brief notes. Ian Foyster remembrance tip #3: Tuneless, loud singing while walking around your office. A current single from BBC or Virgin satellite radio is preferable. Speaking of Ian (as we shall be doing for perpetuity) local gadfly Toby Porter has hinted at a New Year's Day ride in honor of the Londoner. Probably be 2 to 3 hours, dirt roads, no traffic and a small entry fee which would go to Haley's college fund. This is a developing story so stay tuned...

Eric Smith, Cane Creek wage slave and Hawley castaway gives the cyclocross crowd a sneak peek at the pain train he's bringing to Charlotte this Saturday. That's right Billy Fehr, THIS SATURDAY!


Billy Fehr said...
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Billy Fehr said...

I have prior heckling commitments in Wilmingtoon NC for the Beach to Battle Ship Iron Man Triathlon(did I spell it right?). I will be taking pictures of an athlete/friend of mine and laughing at the energy crisis. Thanks for the heads up. FYI the course at Veteran's Park is wedged in between both Stay Alive approach options that I ride every day. Look out for the Army's Full Metal Jacket on the hill, they will be watchng you. Intel: There will be some steepness you are not expecting, let Eric know. Also, the Common Market Deli[aka: Le Rue de Grit](best deli in the Jar) is a mile from the course, it has tasty beers and the feel of Brooklyn NYC-Check it. Good luck and Venga, Venga, Venga!

Spankye said...

Note to self. When Kyle gives me cross advise about loosening the tension on my pedals, take it.

Miss Jumper said...