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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gel Blast Redux: Surely You Digest

The original Powerbar Gel Blast science project experiment was aborted after a wacky mix-up with a poisonous gas cloud, an enchanted amulet and velociraptor DNA. After the carnage was removed, the second experiment was started under tighter security. BEHOLD! I have named him Troy Jr. and something tells me, this bright lil' fella has an even brighter future ramming its ovipositor down an unsuspecting person's throat, laying an egg pod and destroying humankind before Christmas. Reality or fiction? Behold the fruit of our labor (non-childbirth labor you sickos)!!!

The Gel Blasts have tripled in size while absorbing their secret "energy fluid"
Shot from a helicopter... from space:
TROY JR! Say somethin' to all your adoring fans!


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Palmetto Solo said...

You fellas need to lay off the hard stuff while at work.