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Monday, May 24, 2010

Basso In Your Face, Not An Eight Track...

Holy moley, it appears Ivan Basso is back and "cleaner" than ever? Only time and the passage of bodily fluids into a lab cup will tell, but one must admit that there was certainly "no frontin" on his performance from Sunday afternoon's little jaunt up the Zoncolan in The Giro. Homeboy was obviously "feelin' it" and from his "pain" face, he wanted all those maniacal fans on the mountainside, the press and his fellow riders to know that this was only a precursor to the cycling "beatdown" that will be administered for the duration of this week! Is he screaming? Is he laughing? Is he scraughing??? Best check yourself, dummy...

Speaking of "beatdown" and "feelin it", Hawley-ites Will G and Josh X drove up to Tsali for the annual 12 Hours of Tsali. Nobody podiumed but at least Will got mud in his bibs and Josh mentioned something about "I've made a huge mistake." Nonetheless, to quote Woody Allen, "90 percent of life is just about showing up...."

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