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Friday, May 14, 2010

Shoulder Alert!

By the power of Gray Skull! There are some strange things afoot on the lower Lexington commuter route. A particularly dangerous but short (1/3 of a mile) section of Bradley Dr is showing the telltale signs of a shoulder widening/expansion. One would like to think it's the months and months of commuting on said portion of road, months and months of irritated drivers taking a wide birth around a cyclist and then months and months of complaints to local governance about said cyclist slowing their drive home by an unreasonable 15 seconds. Perhaps the cycling stars aligned themselves just right? That being said, The Blog is glad he drove pedicabs in Mogadishu for all those years to prepare himself for the raw, unrelenting, unreasonable, pave-esque quality of the shoulder in its current condition. Just cuz it's darker than the rest of the road doesn't mean the asphalt is that much smoother, cuz it ain't but hey, it's a start!

(New shoulder on Bradley keeps us safe so we can ride Sausage to work! Hooray!)
By the way, a fairly large contingent of Hawley-ites are doing the Tour De Midlands tomorrow. Even BRANTLEY is doing the metric century, on a velocipede! Come on out and support a good ride that benefits a good cause. Joshie training for the century last night at the burrito ride...

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