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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Few Things Of Some Import

Firstly, esteemed purchasing department cohort Patrick forwarded this bit of Double Down-related information yesterday. I don't know if I should be sickened or elated, or a little of both (sicklated?) but it's worth the cursory glance. I guess viral marketing works and it's here to stay. Unfortunately, with this fat bomb's success, is it a portent of things to come for an ever-expanding (in waist) American public? Hmmmm. Let's hope that steamed vegetable viral campaign kicks into high gear later this summer. Then again, what better way to work off unwanted Double Down girth than a new bicycle from your local independent bike shop??? Secundo, yesterday's Ride Of Silence in Columbia can officially be deemed a "smashing success". Looked like 150 or so cyclists gathered downtown for a slow ride through the heart of Columbia, complete with police escort.
The blaring sirens tended to intrude upon the "silence" every now and then but all in all, it was a strong showing of cyclist solidarity and the cops did a good job keeping the post-rush hour traffic at a safe distance. Our former shipping hefe Mark Etzkorn was run over by a car 6 months ago, left in a ditch unconscious with a few broken vertebrae, shredded knee ligaments and a broken collarbone so this ride had a some import for us Hawley folk. In fact, lots of good people rode with the names of fallen riders written on helmets or taped on their back in remembrance. Click for some good footage from a local televisual news outfit... (pay no attention to some of the idiotic comments below the TV story. Also, another story from The State about local cyclist deaths finally being addressed in the courts. Once again, try and avoid the idiocy on display in the comments section!)
Thirdish, tomorrow is Hawley's annual Bike To Work Day. We're meeting at 8:30 AM then taking a leisurely ride through Lexington to the Hawley mothership for breakfast stuff (sic. food, beverage, lute recital, buffoonery of a jester variety). Bring a bicycle, a helmet and some sort of food-themed Primal Wear jersey. If you whisper the magic phrase in Michael Bronson's ear ("Hippy meat chili half off at Publix"), he'll make you a custom ceramic coffee cup!

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