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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Tom Sawyer?

OK, first of all. This is Geddy Lee, the ugliest man on Earth and bassist for the band RUSH:

Second, please gaze upon the new green Soma RUSH track frame in all its prog glory! FRAM3740 (for those of you following along in your catalog) sports new, completely contradictory graphics on the down tube and seat tube. One part Silca font (thanks Brian) and one part "Boogie Nights" (thanks Jose), all parts "removable" to accommodate your "PANTERA STILL ROX" or "Nomah!" custom graphic you have on order....


Magnum said...

Yeah! No more lame Soma logos. Me likey the new design.

WV: rucka(which is short for ruckus)

Billy Fehr said...

Do you think this new Soma will have less chance of cracking than all of the other Somas? Can you send me a small(49cm)to thrash test on the mean streets of the Queen City? Did you see the picture of Dicky in the Toddlers with Tiaras swim suit competition that he posted toonday? He is kicking their ass...PS. The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning, oh I don't know where I will be tomorrow...

wv: absba

JT said...


To the max!