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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Few Nuggets Of Grave Import....

Jose was right and his proof was in the pudding known as Google Images, and not "Pixel Sticks" as Jose lovingly refers to them. What proof? Basically, the Soma RUSH track frame downtube graphic and its eerie similarity to this... and yeah, who's gonna be at Papa Jazz tomorrow thumbing through the dollar bins looking for this piece of cultural awesomeness/genocide???

Rachael from the good ship PCC sent along this reminder of some very cool folks doing a very cool bike ride that'll be taking them though "our fair city", which you could argue is cool or not so cool. Please do not argue. Apparently, you can sign up to accompany them on the next leg of their arduous journey. Sorry, no rebumbents (weirdos).

Methinks this will make an excellent episode of "Mock Trial With Judge Reinhold"...

Sadly, this has already gone to trial (well not exactly) and perhaps justice wasn't served. Read BOTH articles and draw your own conclusions...
The "incident" (to use "LOST" speak)
The "uh, well, hmmm" (to use graphics department speak)

1 comment:

Magnum said...

Is it just me... or... Did all the EPO/HGH/White China/Etc make Floyd's forehead grow/make his eyes super close together?!??!?

WV: hetrup(ebonics for 'headrub')