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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vague Rants On The Horizon

Friend of Hawley and all around "good person" (why is THAT in quotes?), Rachael Kefalos of the Palemtto Cycling Coaliton will be interviewed by Dyana Daniels on "Your Day" at noon today. The show is available on all NPR radio stations throughout the state. Rachael is going to be discussing National Bike Month and the generalization of Hopf algebras in locally compact quantum groups. Is this the show where you can call in and ask about which bug is eating your okra plants or is that something else all together?


brado1 said...

Rachael is Good People for sure

Think Rachael will be discussing Schweady Balls?

love that SNL skit making fun of NPR http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/871407/

wv: hersu

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

When is she not discussing Schweady Balls?

brado1 said...


wv: lopolo

RachaelK said...

I do love to talk Schweady balls! You guys know me all too well....

brado1 said...

Great Job Rachael mentioning Dirt Trails!

keep up the good work!

wv: ablesses

Spiritof76 said...