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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blog You, Blog Me...

Blog it for always, that's the way it should be! Oh Lionel, you scurrilous imp! Will you ever win? Sadly, you won't but who is the Blog to judge? Lionel Ritchie, he's killed more people with his bare hands than you or I could possibly imagine, hence the perplexing title of his last album: "Can't Stop Strangling" preceded by the less ominously titled but equally portentous "Can't Stop This Stranglin' Feeling". This post was supposed to link Lionel with the other, less stranglesome Ritchey, but the flame of inspiration was extinguished by a nutrition-free lunch which left the near-depleted imagination running on empty. That being said, we DO have a couple simple yet well designed Ritchey seatposts with adjustable setback. Great for time trialing, but as Brian, aka the "Bike Knowledge Landfill" pointed out, the post could be used by an enterprising shop for fitting purposes. Eureka!

Simple, clean design

Insect-like when viewed from the front! Bah!
Handy measurements on the side keep you in the know!
During lunch, the Blog noticed Joshie's new Storck sitting at the workbench. Upon closer inspection, Joshie's Storck seemed to be missing its rear wheel! Heavens! A search party was formed and Joshie's rear wheel scent given to the Hawley dogs. (dig that pink shifter housing)
Before the dogs could return with Joshie's rear wheel or his mangled, dog slobber-soaked corpse, the Blog was distracted by a shadowy figure lurking behind the carbon fiber wonder:
Holy old school! Somebody left or abandoned a Specialized Hard Rock! With head reeling, the Blog went to the company infirmary to rest a spell after all the excitement.
Upon the Blog's return, Joshie's Storck was resting comfortably with new free hub attached. Crisis averted but the Hard Rock still lurks in the shadows of the warehouse...


beardsarefun said...

wow, theres a lot going on in this post. first, nice lionel ritchey reference; cant say we get a lot of that these days. that seatpost is definitely interesting. maybe mix it with a cinelli ergo stem and you'd only need one size frame for a team. i like how you blurred out the bike behind the storck. i guess its not distributed by hawley?

Anonymous said...

check with Brad - that Specialized is probably his sweet ride!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

well, the bike ain't distributed by us, but that's not the reason it was blurred out (sadly)

spokejunky said...

I can't stop looking at the praying mantis. It beckons me.

Sorry for the hijack...but:

Australia awaits the adventurous.

Spankye said...

did kyle special order the digitized paint?

Spiritof76 said...

The old Specialized belongs to none other than our own beloved Jerry Bilton. The only employee at Hawley who eats at Waffle House as much as I do.

beardsarefun said...

Matching cranks, matching housing, matching brakes...does Hawley hand those out with your w-2s? That storck is a sweet build minus the post, cranks and wheels; maybe get your post back from the specialized guy, ha.