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Friday, January 23, 2009


Brian showed me a pen yesterday that was sent by a promotions company. They make pens with your company's name, you hand the pens out or squirrel them away in your desk and exchange them for cigarettes and shivs in chow line. Then when the riot comes (and it always does), you have a weapon for protection and cigarettes for hostage negotiations or buying your own freedom. However, by trading your company pen for cigarettes and shivs, you lose the ability to perform emergency tracheotomies using the outer shell of the pen as a breathing tube.

All this talk of shivs, prison chow lines and emergency tracheotomies has reminded the Blog about yet another ninja-related ATM robbery:

Just another reminder that the current recession effects all professions, including feudal Japanese assassins. For more information about ninjas, please consult this valuable resource:
("Part 2:The Confrontation" has 80 percent more shuriken-related carnage than "American Ninja", thus its ascendency in the American Ninja hierarchy):

Will's Cole Shuriken-related carnage:

1 comment:

Spiritof76 said...

How do I get my Hawley Ninja pen? It's cold in the warehouse and there are wolves after me.