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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Voltron, Kenny Loggins and Richard Nixon

Today is January 7th. That means it's time for milestone recognition! First, a big round of applause for Troy as he celebrates one year of incomparable (and incomprehensible) excellence within the Hawley Company sales staff. Whether it's helping dealers out with his in depth cycling knowledge, dropping the science concerning his "mysterious cajun ways" or spontaneously dancing whenever he hears the word "chewy" (oh lord, there he goes again), you can bet your bottom dollar Troy is a beloved and essential component of our distribution Voltron! Speaking of Voltron, January 7th is also Kenny Loggins birthday. Whoops, I mean ambassador Loggins! Rest easy Senegal, Ambassador Loggins is looking out for your best interests (if your interests include bootleg "Footloose" videos). January 7th is also the birthday of former Hawley graphics neer do well Katie Hopper. Once the scourge of office mannequins, she now teaches elementary students the ins and outs of presidential scandal. The Blog humbly presents these examples of her students' handiwork for the reader's perusal:

First, a brief summary of his presidency:
Second, a rendering of Nixon in a barn or cabin, perhaps delivering a speech?
William Merrill, Assistant Special Prosecutor during the Watergate Scandal, easily recognizable by his large ears and frown stands within a containment forcefield of some sort:
A plaque commemorates Richard Nixon's most famous speech:


Miss Jumper said...

This is the best gift ever.

Spankye said...

kids are funny

Spiritof76 said...

The question one needs to ask oneself is if Voltron, Kenny Loggins, And Richard Nixon Got into a cage match.. who would be the ultimate victor? Ten Bux says Loggins would win. He would cut footloose on That old man and rusting and obsolete Japanese space robot.