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Friday, January 30, 2009


As we approach Valentine's Day, let's not forget the original language of love: semaphore. Forget the roses, forget the scented bath oils, forget the erotic cakes, forget the kidnapped string quartet playing at gunpoint under your wife's window as you pantomime the throat slitting motion every time they play a note out of tune. When it's time to express the inexpressible, do it with archaic flag communication. Semaphore, the new black for 2009.

In other random notes to end the week, Kenda was in the house yesterday. The Blog could only snag a shot of their super-custom van, complete with candy dispenser and playground-centric GPS. We hope Nick behaves himself as he travels this great land of ours!
(Riders are snatchin' up their tires!)

And finally, a word of caution (relating to the Soma Silver Bullet we got in stock a couple days ago). If you buy this:
Then watch this:
You become this:


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Spiritof76 said...

Love that Corey Haim, such a dazzling talented actor with such dynamic and soulful versatility.. Too bad he now gets paid to cry on camera in his psychaiatrist's shoulder lapels while Corey Feldman shouts at him.