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Monday, February 02, 2009

Ruminations On Groundhog's Day

Today is Groundhog's Day. Let us all celebrate in the customary fashion which includes but is not limited to: Singing "Happy Birthday" to a groundhog but withholding gifts until cake is served. Scalping a person who resembles a groundhog and wearing the scalp as is the fashion among the inner city youth. Re-enacting your favorite death scene from "Groundhog's Day". might the Blog suggest toaster in the bath tub? Volunteering at a soup kitchen or old folks home, then scalping everything in sight. Spending time with the family reading about brave groundhogs who constructed the railroads out west in the 19th century, other wise known as immigrant Chinese laborers.

A descendant of immigrant Chinese laborers and scalping enthusiast, Ron Chang (caught watering his lawn in Ventura, CA):

Speaking of slave labor, the Cross world championships happened this weekend. A Belgian won, but more importantly, the USA's kits were downright Eastern Bloc in appearance. You'd think USA Cycling would've learned something after all the negativity from the Olympics kits. Sadly, they learned nothing!Here a 4 different kits the USA should incorporate for next year... or face an imminent scalping.
Even as a small child, the Blog realized the awesomeness of the Astro's multi-striped genocide on good taste:70's skin-tight tank top retro not so funny movie=Podium nastiness!
A tablecloth, a mustard yellow stripe and some hurt feelings. What's not to love?
Awesomeness, simply put:


Miss Jumper said...

I wish I could relive the CWP moment everytime I wake up. STARRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKSSSS!

dwight yoakam said...

awesomeness. the kits and CWP.

Spiritof76 said...

Suddenly, and for no reason, I have an uncontrollable craving for fruit stripe gum...