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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spacer Oddity

The history of the headset spacer is lengthy and colorful, if not somewhat over-aggrandized by the modern media. The history of the new Eleven81 white headset spacer has yet to be written, but when it is, the Blog thinks it shall contain at least one reference to David Bowie. The reference (written in ancient Sanskrit) shall be hidden within the bullet point text and when discovered several centuries from now by archeologists from an alien world, its incantation shall resurrect David Bowie. But not happy-go-lucky, androgynous, "Space Oddity" Bowie, but creepy, androgynous "Labyrinth" Bowie. And upon his reemergence in the 38th century, Bowie shall greet the aliens with pompous disdain, ignoring their entreaties for friendship and the breaking of alien space bread to sup upon, thus giving the human race a reputation of "snobby cross-dressers" throughout the universe. Then Bowie gets started on the screenplay for "Labyrinth 2: Looney Tunes Hip Hop Summer Camp Jamz!" and the space time continuum collapses upon itself. In conclusion, the new Eleven 81 white headset spacer is an economical way to spruce up your cockpit!


Spiritof76 said...

Spacers in general leave me squawking like a pink monkey bird while I freak out in a moonage daydream.

azanca02 said...


Miss Jumper said...

Spacers for your braces aren't as much fun. TRUST ME.