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Friday, February 20, 2009

$Money Mark$ Mixes You Into The Weekend

Mark (shipping overlord) takes 6 seconds out of his schedule to give The Blog a little taste of his new mixtape, "Red Bankonia Drive By: Reckless Eyeballin' Confessions". Not sure what sort of critical response these new beats will get, but when it's comin' at you that hard, and that raw, how can one not profess one's love of that gangsta elixir:

Speaking of gangstas and reckless eyeballing, Sandy dropped some commuter light science on me, on the "super down-low tip" (to borrow a phrase from Anthony Trollope). Please sneak a peak at the new Sigma Micro Light samples not quite ready for primetime. Patience my pretties! They shall be on the streets sooner than you think...

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