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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where Theres A Will, Theres A Way

The Blog's commuter route is crammed full of tasty, commuter lane goodness! These lanes are great for keeping cyclists safe (mentally) and for angering aggressive commuters in their SUVs who shake their heads and mutter "My taxes pay for these lanes?". But this is no place for SUV bashing. It is a place for thoughtful discussion. It also a place for bashing. Once across the Blossom Street bridge, the bike lane is suddenly cordoned off by a phalanx of slender construction barriers. There is an electrified sign but its message is a mysterious pixelated line. Perhaps it's a portentous warning? The construction barriers appear to keep traffic away from the lane. But upon entering the barrier "channel", The Blog realized that construction had commenced on some sort of sidewalk hybrid. The barriers were meant to keep cyclists out of the lane and push them into vehicle traffic. Obviously for a rider with mad skills like The Blog, these barriers don't affect the ride. However, there are tons of cyclists who use the lane everyday who may be spooked out by the close quarters in the barrier channel (I'm talking about the weird dude on the hybrid with the Jurassic-sized panniers. You know who you are!), swing out into traffic and then get smacked by a sorority girl in a Toyota Forerunner on her way back to University Commons. The Blog assumes this new bike lane disruption is related to the construction of a new bank (awesome eh?) whose property runs along the bike lane. We shall see what happens with these barriers.... we shall see!

Hmmm, this looks like lane-related weirdness ahead:
Ah ha! The culprit for the giant, skinny candy corns:

The Will! Where did he come from? The Blog could've jumped on his wheel and ridden to work in record time, but there were, uh, more pictures to be taken!:

1 comment:

spokejunky said...

That DOT sign is tempting. Could another zombie attack be coming?