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Friday, February 13, 2009

Rage Against Mr. Clean

You like Sram eh? Well suckle my pretty, suckle upon the proverbial teet of this industry wetnurse until your belly is engorged like Jose after a Zaxby's raid! Vuelta is okay too.

The real purpose of this Vuelta picture is to demonstrate the extraordinary visibility of Ian's chrome dome from 100 yards away! Look at that thing as it shines with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns! Unless you've been living under a rock or the floor boards of a rustic cabin in the woods inhabited by libidinous teenagers, you probably know him as the cockney accented voice of the Hawley Service Center. Combining 30 years of pro motorcycle racing, 30 years of extended hospital stays, suspension and bicycle know-how with an unintelligible North London accent reminiscent of Ben Kingsley in "Sexy Beast" or Michael Caine in freaking anything, Ian has turned suspension service on its pointy little head. Not to be outdone, Troy (inside sales) heard the calling of the razor and joined the "Well, Why COULD'NT They Be White Supremacists" Club with the speedy decisiveness that Troy has never been known for. It's 70 degrees today so to all our riders still in the icy clutches of winter.... [edited for content]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy asks Ian for some help dialing in his hydraulics brakes. Ian questions Troy's sexuality then lets loose a stream of obscenities for a good 40 minutes:

They have matching Black Sheep Cycles t-shirts! Are you kidding???


Palmetto Solo said...

What the bloody hell you say?

spokejunky said...

So which one is mini-me?