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Monday, July 19, 2010

Asheville, Land of Many Subarus

If The Blog ever opens a used camping gear-outfitting store, it shall be called REI 51 and it shall outfit even the scraggliest of trustifarians and it shall be good and plentiful and the people shall cling to it like so many AT stickers on a Subaru and the drum circle shall rejoice. All seriousness aside, it was good to visit Asheville and see the sights and see former Hawley folk, one an indentured servant to a cycling industry vendor and one a former servant now plying her trade in the pedagogical realm. Some of the sights "seen" included a quick spin on Kitsuma and Star Gap as inclement weather rolling in truncated any further audacious riding plans. That's what you get for leaving the house at 11:30 instead of 7:30. Anyhoo, Kitsuma seemed to be in worse shape than last September but perhaps it was merely a figment of the imagination. Nay, the trail has eroded considerably in certain sections and has seen a tree or two down. However, it was still very enjoyable until I forgot the log ramp I approached was actually a mini-launch which I wasn't leaning back enough on and did a graceful endo into some assorted shrubbery. Heavens to murgatroid. That log should be quite the spectacle with 400 people rolling upon it at this Sunday's ORAMM. Speaking of which, The Blog passed several riders during Saturday's foray. One would assume these folk were scouting the route, gaining invaluable knowledge of assorted climbs and local customs. The Blog decided to skip Curtis Creek because it is a most unpleasant climb and sometimes the most unpleasant climbs are best left un-reconnoitered until one is actually at its base staring up into its cloudy extremes like so many Mickey Mouses and beanstalks. If the weather stays hot, it could resemble an Antietam battlefield.... ON JUPITER!

On an interesting side-note, motoring up the scenic Old Highway 70, a woman was passed in a floral print dress in a somewhat old fashioned cut and running sneakers. I assumed she was out for a walk. As I rolled up to her, dinging my bell and waving, I could've sworn this woman was actually a man. Isn't that a mustache and beard or maybe it was the light? Has to be the light, right? In hindsight, the calves seemed a bit, well, largish and muscular for a woman? This shouldn't matter as everybody is free to wear whatever they want, but the incongruity of outfit and physique coupled with the aviator sunglasses creeped me out a bit. If the couple on big hit bikes riding with their dog also noticed the mystery walker and also read this blog, please leave your "take" on this in the comments section. Thanks.
By the way, just noticed REI sponsors ORAMM. If Todd Branham is reading this, I'll give you first dibs at becoming a majority shareholder in REI 51. Skype me. Let's talk. This thing could be HUGE!!! Enron Huge!

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