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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Randomosity

It's Thursday and that means it's time to look at the charred remains of a Lamborghini in Brooklyn.OK, that was freaking crazy. Something equally crazy, get a load of Big George's left calf muscle as he rides alongside Cadel Evans in Holland. What's going on there?

And one final note of craziness, the new candy apple green Soma Juices (FRAM3010) have finally arrived in stock. Heads were exploding all over the receiving the department, "Scanners"-style, as these frames were unpacked; Not from the super-loud green color but from weaponized telekinesis. It's not too late to eschew the Tour for the mountain and trail-ular pursuits. Seriously, we all know Denis Menchov is gonna win by like, an hour or whatever so there's no point in wasting precious trail time plopped in front of Versus. Huzzah!(16 inch frame shown)


spokejunky said...

Here's a close up of that calf muscle. Tasty.

Billy Fehr said...

GJR and Spoke, You guys are pulling our legs with the whole cottage cheese looking Hincapie left calf muscle photo-shop work, right?