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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Ghost Dad" Makes "Umberto D" Look Like "Singin' In The Rain"

With the Tour De France fast approaching, we thought we'd share this bit of cycling ephemera from the Johan Bruyneel archives. Pictured in the center is a fautleroy'ed junior rider (Bruyneel) flanked by a motley assortment of characters who comprised his scheming "entourage". From left to right, in order of literary menace: The Manager, The Proud Father, The Estranged But Loving Grandfather, Bruyneel, The Coulda-Been-Somethin', The Hired Muscle, The Child-Minded Simpleton, The Goon and The Pariah. Technically, and this is going by written rules and not letting emotion cloud judgment, shouldn't the Goon be on the front page of The Satorialist? High wasted linen pants, lapel-less hunting jacket, cigar hanging suggestively from his mouth and thumbs inserted front pocketwise look offly Euro-Sartorialist to this eye. It's a weird photograph nonetheless. May it haunt your dreams for the next 4 weeks.

Speaking of haunting, even though purchaser Georgio has moved on to greener pastures, his purchasing memories haunt us like so many Caspers, Ghost Dads and Rich Uncle Skeletons. In a stroke of brilliance, Georgio brought in the always lovely Cardiff leather saddles to appeal to the cruiser/mixte crowd who find an SLR or Arione distasteful and the exorbitant price of a Brooks unsettling. These are one hundred percent leather saddles made for one hundred percent of your backside. Just noticed, but The Blog is pretty sure the Cardiff logo and the Guild Of Calamitous Intent's logo look eerily similar. Note to self, need to purchase those Venture Brothers cufflinks before they're sold out. Buy a Cardiff while you're at it. That is all.
Not sold on "Ghost Dad", then check out the critical acclaim you naysayer.

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