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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Commuting In Numbers

First group commute in a while went off without a hitch. Adam, Josh and Ole Bloggy met at the intersection of Platt Springs and Emmanuel Church right down the road from the airport. Bloggy wanted a McDonald's breakfast burrito but the prospect of bib chili this early in the day kiboshed the idea. Adam and I agreed to make sure Josh pulled us up the Shirway climb. He was none the wiser...
Big thanks to Chad Hoerner at FSA for the new commuting jersey. FSA makes a quality cantilever brake! Jacques Lobster-approved. Sadly, the jersey sleeves were shorn of their elastic cuffs a la Caskey and Porter (Brandon and Tobe respectively). Not ready for the Dicky full sleeveless look but there is something to be said for the fluttery goodness in the summertime...

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