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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Rage-a-thon-free-for-all-palooza

The Decline of Western Civilization, a case study. Exhibit A: This weekend's top box office returns. Remember, good hard working folk are shelling out 11 dollars ticket for some of these clunkers. We're in big trouble people. Exhibit B: This headline from "salient web news source" Huffington Post. Seriously important! The hope for Western Civilization? Lobster rage fists, new Cardiff saddles and grips, the FATS trail system in Augusta and a worldwide protest against anything that needs anything from BP...

Georgio Faulknerleria stepped up his game and added the Cardiff line of leather saddles and grips for 2010, including the fabled wooden grip. The saddles are lovely bits of leather and brass for your favorite Mixte or bar stool. Tweed jacket and Holly Golightly vinyl EPs not included.Loading up for the FATS ride, the Thule 822XT Bed-Rider (CARR6155) is being put through its paces. My first experience with it and all signs pointed to "impressed by its simplicity and stability" yet disappointed with its lack of a midrange and fuzzy bass tones. Inquire within.

The Blog's Planet Bike Orion full finger glove (GLVE1427). The actual physical properties of a "glove" have slowly been replaced with flimsy, stinky strands resembling some sort of bird nest, if that nest was constructed on the set of "The Dark Crystal". Nevertheless, 90 percent of the fingers are covered from the elements and provide an olfactory assault beyond description to wake even the foggiest of heads. Below is what these gloves looked like 2 years ago...

You can't front on these bullet points, hugs and kisses from Sandy Emmanuel:

  • Amara palm and anatomic slim gel padding to absorb vibration
  • One way stretch terry and four way stretch-woven spandex body with woven Lycra forchettes for a durable, snug fit
  • Ventilated mesh upper for cooling
  • Silicone fingertip prints for increased grip (on hobo necks)

FATS (in beautiful North Augusta) is and will always be one of The Blog's favorite trail systems. Last week was a slog so Saturday's ride was almost cathartic in the amount of stress it immediately relieved. Suffocating heat and stifling humidity dampened our jerseys, but could not dampen our spirits as the mile after mile of rootless, bobsled-track-fast singletrack was mind bogglingly fun (as usual). IMBA Epic an hour from the house! How can you lose?

Cane Creek stooge Eric let's another "bib bomb" rip in Joshie's face.

Teenwolf gathers himself after the first half of the ride on his "wacky" Orbea. Teenwolf rode well and was able to keep his world famous temper in check. Seriously, you're always on eggshells around this maniac...

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azanca02 said...

The question here is...can you spot the blog's bike int he last picture?