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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Commuter Bike Of The Week, Profiles In Courage: Brian Love

In every kingdom, government, secret society or high school clique, there are figureheads or closely knit factions of influence, concentrated power and ferality that to hint at even the slightest of transgression can bring down the wrath of a Norse god apocalypse (see yesterday's post, ref: "Ragnarok"). Thus it is so with The Hawley Company's IT department, who at the drop of a misplaced bracket or backslash in a line of code could grind the wheels of bicycle part commerce to a screeching halt. In the spirit of detente, The Blog humbly beseeches our IT overlords for mercy. As a sign of goodwill, this week's commuter bike of the week belongs to IT goon B'Love! After a 90 minute berating from D-Rod yesterday, B'Love decided to quit the tender-footing and get serious about riding to work. 16 miles and 7 gallons of sweat later, B'Love made it to work in one piece this morning. Is this only the beginning of a possible bike commuter MVP performance for 2010 or a Pervis Ellison-styled flame out that will leave the historians shaking their heads. Only time will tell....

A motley combination of Sigma Quadro (new for 2010!) and Planet Bike lights adorn the handlebar. The ubiquitous Shimano SPD pedals, the choice of all lawless commuters...GI saddlebag installed at a rakish angle compliments the Selle Italia and Planet Bike...GI Second Wind pump and a 24 oz Polar bottle...The Maxxis Detonator training tire. Not bulletproof but more than adequate for the rigors of riding into work...17.77!!! Birth year of Italian sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini. Fresh!

1 comment:

joshie said...

1777, also the year that Brantley celebrated his second Millennia birthday!!