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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Of and Turtles and Commuter Frames

The earliest known turtles date back 215 million years ago. They have been around longer than snakes or lizards. The largest turtle can reach weights of 2000 pounds and some have lived for more than 200 years (an infant compared to Brantley)! During a particularly sweltering mountain bike ride recently, I came across this docile turtle resting trailside. It's crazy to think he could trace his family lineage back millions of years and how we take these walking historical artifacts for granted. Here is an excellent recipe for turtle stew.

Speaking of slow and steady with a penchant for laying its eggs in the cool, damp earth, behold the new Pake commuter frame (FRAM5144) in its 2010 incarnation, battleship gray! Huzzah!

1 comment:

brado1 said...

i can't believe you ate that turtle.