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Monday, June 21, 2010

Give In To Deliciousness

Monday, this is Bojangle's Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuit. You two behave yourselves...Apparently this weekend, many folks were "racing" in "races" for valuable "prizes" and "parting gifts". Does my overuse of quotation marks intrigue you? Anger you? Confound you? Well then, my work here is done. Please read Hawley Company's co-favorite bike messenger Billy's account of his New Belgium Urban Assault experience and then read Hawley Company's other co-favorite bike messenger Dicky's account for two irreconcilable versions that will do more to confuse than to enlighten (this is pure conjecture as The Blog has read neither but will do so with his customary after-work cognac and custard-scented ether kerchief). As these two neer-do-wells careened through the streets of Charlotte, a few Hawleyites were at Bent Creek riding cyclocross bikes, wearing leis and sticking it to the presidential fitness challenge.

Never, ever under-estimate a 6 foot 4 man in a child's small New Kids On The Block tank top.Cane Creek headset engineer Jim Morrison. No joke necessary.Teenwolf: DEAD LASTIn the end, their efforts would be for naught as a plucky accountant would hold alllll the cards and wear the laurels! Teenwolf flatted twice while former Hawleyite Will flatted EIGHT times! In conclusion, some people search for death. Right around the 4:20 mark. She's cool as a cucumber.