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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Post-Fourth Ridesplosion

The Blog got his first taste of hyperbolically labeled olives the day after the Fourth of July. They were colassal in size and even bigger in country, fresh flavor. Adam got his first taste of downtown Columbia riding and Fort Jackson riding. Not sure how Adam felt about the ride but we're sure it was a nice change of pace from Lexington county kill-roads. He did a good job and didn't allow Josh's erratic pace to throw him off his game. Josh's erotic pace, that was a different story. I got my second taste of a sample kit from the kind folk at Sfatto. The Sfatto kit on a longer-ish ride was super-comfy. Never ridden in gripperless bibs but I liked it, a lot! The "medium" size leg length was a little on the shortish side, but all in all, a very nice product! Who knew?