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Friday, July 02, 2010

Fireworks Vendors 1, Bloggy 0

Saw this new Mexican eatery on the ride into work. Gotta love the mixed if not somewhat spooky message they're sending. After some Googling, this is a fairly prevalent name in the Mexican eatery universe. "The Hunters" Who knew?David Herlihy's somewhat spooky message pertains to the intriguing story of Frank Lenz and his disappearance during a cross continental bicycle journey in 1892. New York, San Francsico, Japan, China, India, Persia and then Turkey. Click on the portrait to listen. Good stuff! Have a frank and productive weekend. May you not loose any fingers to firecracker shenanigans. Remember: open palm makes you look like a chump, but a clenched fist leaves you a charred, blackened stump.

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