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Friday, July 16, 2010

Just In Case You Forgot

This lovely Soma Mixte, fully built, used in our Urban(e) catalog for 2010 is still up for sale. It goes by the name of DEMOBIKE112 for those of you following along in your online catalog. Loads of nice stuff like, uh, brakes, tires, bolts, imaginations, etc. Actually, it has a lovely Soma rack, Cardiff grips and Campy Super Record 11. If you're a dealer call in. If you're a "civilian", call your dealer and get in on this deal. If you're Darrell Laughlin, quit blocking my driveway with your repugnant Chevy Cavalier. It's gettin' towed dude, and then what'll you make your Wing Zone deliveries in? I know, A SOMA MIXTE!!!! Full circle people, full circle. Ugh, I have regressive humidity syndrome an it's only getting worse. Have a frank and productive weekend.

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