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Friday, July 09, 2010

Turn Tricks, Not Tricks

Flatlanders are a strange if not somewhat misunderstood bunch but don't let that stop you from watching their "crazy antics". Here's a short bit of Richard Aguayo messing around, taking a load off so to speak. Nothin' fancy, just some flatlanding to wind down the day...

Fixed freestyle isn't really my cup of tea either, but those crazy kids with their rock and roll records and their long hair (I said trim those sideburns Mattingly!) and their acid washed jeans and their British Knights and their plucky resolve have definitely taken their riding to strange, new, dizzying heights. Taylor's "swingset to saddle" remount is pretty epic and sets the tone for the gnarfest to follow. Have a frank and productive weekend. Please riding your bicycles for much of the pleasure. Thankings.

Old Flip Cam Scraps from Taylor Dwight on Vimeo.

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