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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Fantasmaphonic World of Mannequins and Agassi Wigs

From what I've heard around the office water cooler and other water coolers scattered throughout this great land of ours, we humans use about 10 percent of our brains. If this is true, then I'm hovering around a quarter to half a percent today. I got nothin' folks. Nada. Nil. Ought. Zero. Zilch. I stare at this blog and it's like a blank slate. If I went on Jeopardy and played against a butterfly and a staple gun, i would come in third. A distant third. Alex Trebek would put me out of my misery with a swift throat kick (see yesterday's blog) and/or Figure Four. So with that said, what I can offer today? The choice is clear: random photos culled from various office hard drives. Bon appetit!

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