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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

People Get Sick...

...Even in June! So yeah, thanks for all the get well cards and lavish FTD flower baskets laden with exotic orchids, poison sumac and Venus fly traps. I was out one day but you guys made me feel like I'd returned triumphantly from an eight year bout with "cancer of the everything". Now that I'm back and in relatively "good" health after dodging one of life's many bullets (or compound bow arrows for our readers in Northern Georgia, er, I mean "The Newly Independent County of Georgian Secessionists") I'd like to thank our primary blog sponsor Doc Littlejohn's Ole Timey Finger Joint Balm and Salve. Without this magical goop (still sold in the used chamber pots that Doc started the business with over 130 years ago) this blog and the health of this blogger would've met a premature and globally mourned demise along the lines of Princess Di, Dale Earnhardt or the Notorious BIG. Heres to another 12 years of the Hawley Blog!!! Visne saltare? Viam Latam Fungosam scio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Furious George eats these twice a day or his appendages fall off. Look it up.

And just in case you were wondering, the warehouse expansion continues, unabated!!!


Adam said...

Is that Wagster driving the earthmover?

Does it have handlebar streamers and a ding-ding bell?

Miss Jumper said...

Where's mama???

spokejunky said...

Glad your back and in better health. I see you got my tender hearts are made better with sumac arrangement, nurse your headcold by transferring the pain to your itchy boils. It's all about the love.