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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Official Groundbreaking!!!

The warehouse expansion is a GO so that means earth movers, and plenty of 'em. It also means picture time, followed by party time, nap time, work time, lunch time, work time and burrito time... in that order.

"Okay people, hustle up! Drape your bodies ALL OVER that bulldozer!"
The Group Shot (not pictured: George, bulldozer, Brantley, Brian, Ian)
Jeff says, "I'm diggin' graves for those bratty graphics kids who screw up my receiving!!!"
Accounting/Covert Ops
Shipping, Receiving and Water Polo Academy
Ole Timey Sales Department (notice their antiquated ways)
Graphics and Telekinesis Research
The non-stop party that IS the Purchasing Department (minus George and Brian)


Palmetto Solo said...

Kenny where's your safety helmet?

spokejunky said...

I don't think they're allowed to post those kinds of pictures.

Spiritof76 said...

This pics look great.