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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just Shillin'

The Swiss are the most neutral nation I can think of. Thats impressive because when it comes to neutrality and nations, I'm a leading expert. Seriously. Look on Wikipedia under the search heading "guys who know a butt-load about neutral nations" and you'll see my name as well a picture of me participating in a chicken wing eating contest, circa 1985... but that's beside the point my half-witted blogohile. To continue with my discourse about the Swiss, ah, eh... well. Hmmm. OK, I gotta be straight with you, I'm not in Wikipedia, I'm not a leading expert, and I've never participated in an eating contest of any type. BUT, I do know a good looking carbon mountain wheel when I see one. It's Swiss too!


spokejunky said...

Those rims, me and a little mountain trail called Beech Mountain. They haven't had a race up there in at least four years, but it kicked my butt every time. Sugar Mountain is childs play compare to the climb at Beech.

brandon said...

um, dems come in biggie size? 29er? i'm lusting big time.