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Sunday, June 22, 2008

We Got a Bad Case of the Mondays!

Not really, but if somebody saunters over to your cubicle, coffee mug in hand and inquires about "Mondays" and a potential affliction of said Mondays on oneself, then you have our permission to throw a scalding hot cup of coffee on the inquisitor's face while executing some sort of ninja-style throat punch or eye gouge. Mondays are both a blessing and a curse around here. Mondays in the summer mean lots of sales and web orders but they also mean lots of tape gun mileage put in by our shipping staff. Consequently, that means lots of warehouse intensity and pandemonium in general, which means the chance of a random throat punch or eye gouge goes up by an astonishing 45 percent (I'm lookin' right at you Miss Judy!). But never fear cherished bike dealer, neither locust swarm or ghost pirate entourage or marauding, drunken Ewoks in lowrider dune buggies can keep us from delivering you the bike part goodness you so richly deserve (and hopefully pay for!). Here are a few items that could potentially brighten your Monday, or darken it beyond all hope of salvation depending on how you feel about things that start with the letter H:

1 comment:

Spankye said...

What a beautiful headset.