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Friday, June 13, 2008

Straitline Brake Lever Close-Out!

Here are items that were traded for Straitline brake levers as of 10:36 AM today:Reggie Gelbarshot of I Can't Believe It's Not a Bicycle Shop (Orlando, FL) traded us a box of Tampax (22 supers, 22 regulars and 10 lights) and an empty tin of Tootsie Rolls for two sets of black Avid Juicy levers. Elhanan Twoshins of Big Hungry Clarence's Bicycle Barn (Toronto, Japan) traded a street hockey ball and a rancid Oscar Meyer wiener for SIX Hayes levers. And not to be outdone, Lester "Just Glad to Be Alive With All My Genitals Intact" McCalister of Bicycle Versus Grizzly Versus Meteor (Tuscon, AZ) traded an ultra-rare (sic. Ebay bound) Ultronic Deluxe AM/FM radio with retractable antennae and digital display for our remaining Straitline inventory. That's right, Jim Snyder is making deals all over the freakin' place!!!

1 comment:

Papa Wheelie said...

t sounds like you are all out of Straitline product now, is it possible to trade my sister for any remaining product?