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Friday, June 06, 2008

Welcome Lexington National, Welcome.

This weekend the NBL bus in all it's glory chugs it's way down to Lexington, SC, more commonly referred to as Red Bank by the locals, for the Lexington National. Rain, Sleet, Snow, or 100ยบ days will not slow the hardcore BMX crowd from making their appearance known. While making a quick lunchtime trip to the BMX track for a quick photo shoot, we caught up with this Olympic hopeful and we're able to squeeze in a little interview session between Skittles.

Hawley: So, what do you think about our new BMX track?

BMXr: Mmmff, hummgh, good!
Hawley: I can get some of them Skittles?

BMXr: What kind of grammar is "I can get"? Don't you people know how to properly convey your questions without regressing into some pathetic form of wanna be hood slang? And, NO, you can't have any of my skittles. My Mama said I didn't have to share if I made it all week without wetting my bed.

Hawley: Well, do you mind if we take a couple of pics of the track?

BMXr: Go right ahead, just make sure you post them on the.hawley.blog.

Hawley: You got it. Enjoy...

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