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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alternative Forms of Energy Other Than The Chili Dog Shack

Wellity wellity wellity! It seems another Hawley vendor has put its alternative energy money where its alternative energy mouth is and installed approximately a googolplex of solar panels on their roof. Tired of waiting 3 minutes for your savory Hot Pocket to cook in the microwave? How about 2 minutes, 45 seconds chump! Get out of the stone age you visigothian dunderheads and embrace the Helio-centric lifestyle!!!

(late edit. Turns out everybody already knew of this. What the dilly people? Can't somebody toss the blog a bone once in a while?)


azanca02 said...

Just to let you know. A Hot Pocket takes 2 min.

Billy said...

I do say young man, brilliant.

spokejunky said...

You said Thule.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Teenwolf, your comment doesn't deserve a reply... doh!