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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Elect-tile Dysfunction? ALSO, We Have a Bike Builder In Our Midst

Now that the election is over, except in Missouri (are they still counting?), Minnesota (Franken v. Coleman), Georgia (Chambliss v. Martin) and Alaska (Stevens v. Begich; how can Alaskans vote for a convicted felon?), you're wondering to yourself how the country really voted. While the traditional color-coded map is easy to read and reveals a pleasant looking sailboat when stared at for 60 seconds, a Michigan physics professor (sic. friendless shut-in) created some alternate maps that reflect other aspects of voting besides pure geography. Acquaint thyself with this idiot-proof tutorial from the good eggheads at NPR: Animated Maps With Talking and Some Good Natured Beat-Boxing

Justin (shipping, philatelist) brought in one of his new creations this morning. It's a pure racing bike with super-casual geometry and a one-off wheelset. The frame is made wax. Everything else on the bike is also made of wax. The cranks are super-stiff and the shorter chain stays make for punchier accelerations compared to his earlier bikes. Because this bike is made of wax, and approximately 3 centimeters in length, we recommend it for crits, climbs and shorter rides.


dwight yoakam said...

that was an interesting new look at the red and blue of our nation . . .

thanks for passing that on.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Thanks for taking an interesting look, hippy

Spankye said...

good one

Shell said...
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Miss Jumper said...

Why is Brandon such a dirty commie???