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Friday, November 21, 2008

"Et Tu, Jose?": Things to Do in Columbia When You're Chloroformed

At the risk of sounding bitter, as soon as Jose opened up his box of brand new American Classic 29er wheels, we became enemies. The man who claimed to be my friend, my amigo, my Spanish obscenity tutor, stabbed the Blog in the back as he was first to score the mad-fresh AC's. Crimony! That means the blog either gets the inferior (in color only) white pair or waits to build up some funky fresh wheels with some Cane Creek rims and Industry Nine (new vendor for us in 2009) hubs. Nevertheless, as soon as I remove the scimitar Jose thrust between my fourth and fifth vertebrae, I shall have my revenge. Oh yes, there wheel be blood. But not blood, just gloating and childish behavior. To be honest, Jose was quite demur, barely showing a smile as he unwrapped his new babies. According to a few witnesses, he did let out an exuberant yelp after the crowds cleared but that's to be expected from a man known for having the discretion of an 18th century courtesan. In conclusion, after I figure out where to buy chloroform, I expect we won't be seeing Jose or his wheels for a wheel long time. By the way Dave, can I borrow your van this weekend? Just send me a text... and ix-nay on the idnapping-kay! (Wink)

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dwight yoakam said...

bloggy, hold out for the CC/i9 set up!