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Monday, November 03, 2008

"You Wouldn't Give a Crippled Crab a Crutch!!!"

The blog had some good stuff planned for today but because of a little too much caffeine and an overactive "delete" button finger, those plans were put on hold. Seriously, it was gonna be a post about "The Most Horrible Thing Ever" and our new line of Garmin GPS toys in a desperate attempt to tie in a local mountain bike happening with a new vendor. Isn't that what a blog's real purpose is supposed to be? Tie-ins and synergy, and brain-picking and touching base??? I don't have any answers to that line of questioning. But I DO know what happens when you're racing your Lego bikes at high speed without a helmet! By the way, if you're looking for state of the art cranial protection, look no further than Limar, constructed from a mixture of adamantium, carbon fiber and adobe stolen from our friends in the Southwest, these helmets will make you the envy on and off the basketball court, from the board room to the class room, from Hollywood to Dollywood to Bollywood, etc, etc (see how easy that is?)...

1 comment:

spokejunky said...

Gripping. I always wondered what happened to the construction guy from The Village People.