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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hawleyween!

Ahoy hoy blogareeno's! Well, the greatest day is upon us so that means a bunch of fools show up to work in company policy-defying attire. But before we get to the parade of idiocy, something scary. Seriously, what happened to her face?:
Kyle (graphic violence) represents "Illadelphia" style. Catalog layout will cost ya, body checks are free sucka!

"I NEED AN ADULT!!!!!!!!"
This happy little fellow and Mad Professor are caught in mid-coffeezation. I have a couple Mad Professor records at home. Quality stuff!
Spongebob Poo-Pants!!!
Best sneakers...ever
Troy Agassi keeps it real. Tennis anyone? Advantage... Whelan!
And the best costume for last. J-Town emerges, but who is he?
The mystery is solved as Rizzle inspects J-Town's loving homage to Rizzle's sense of style!

1 comment:

Miss Jumper said...

I miss sardines in the warehouse.