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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tonight, after "America's Next Top Model", a brand new episode of "Fun Facts About Macon, Georgia!"

A quiz for today's post:
Can you, without the aid of Google or Wikipedia, name four "totally awesome" things to come out of Macon (GA)? The first "totally awesome" THING is Nancy Grace. She is a thing if there ever was a thing. Now she hosts a TV show on Headline News where she berates defense attorneys and bugs her eyes out at me, accusingly, yet I cannot look away.

(Born and raised in Macon GA, Nancy Grace has single-handedly united the free world against us with only 60 minutes of airtime every evening!)
The second thing out of Macon, Georgia is their defunct minor league hockey team, the Macon Whopee. Hands down the corniest franchise "mascot" of all time. How can the 1970's TV game show equivalent to the physical act of love be a mascot? It displeases me, yet I cannot look away from their vaguely suggestive jersey! The blog will burn the midnight oil scouring Ebay for that gem.

(The very jersey you can't outbid the blog on Ebay.)
The third best thing out of Macon is philanthropist/humanitarian/epistemologist Young Jeezy (well, ambassador Jeezy to his compatriots at the UN). I'm sure we're all familiar with his brokering of the Dayton peace accords so I'll move along to the fourth "totally awesome" thing to come out of Macon: Thomson! You saw it coming. How could it not be Thomson. As we all know, 99 percent of stems and seat posts are made overseas. Don't you want to help us turn the tide of a multi-billion dollar trade deficit? If you nodded your empty skull in zombie-like agreement, then put a Thomson on your bike and feel the backwood Georgia patriotism coursing through your veins!!!

(Left to right: Former UN Secretary General Bhoutros Bhoutros Ghali; he WAS the street dream. Young Jeezy; he IS the street dream)

This IS the mountain bike stem street dream!


scott said...

don't forget B-Rich came from Macon. Ask Joshie he'll know who I'm talking about

MM said...

Why do you hafta run a X4 on the MTB? It works just fine on my road and cross rigs...

dwight yoakam said...

is the scott who posted above who i'm thinking he may be?