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Monday, October 13, 2008


Please bear with us, we are experiencing technical difficulties...

For today's performance, the blog will be played not by the "original" blog, but by the "fake" blog. The fake blog in no way, shape, or form, can directly imitate the original blog, so please cut him/her/it some slack.

The warehouse expansion continues...

The latest addition being the 2009 catalog creation think tank. With serious catalog creation cranking up to full force, the graphics team needed a place where they could work long days, err, hours. While only temporary, (supposedly they're eventually to be extra showers for our commuting community, what a waste if you ask the fake blog), This area will serve as the cage, err, office space for the graphics slaves, err, department.

Each cell, err, office space measures a spacious 2'W x 5'T and has many amenities, such as a concrete floor and steel bars.

There will also be an additional space dedicated for one of Hawley's, and the world's, oldest person, Brantley. Because of his long and dedicated service, His cage, err, special office is made of reinforced titanium tubing and will eventually be padded for his 3:00 nap time (He occasionally has some "bad" dreams). Coincidentally this will also serve as entertainment for the graphics slaves, err, department.

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