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Friday, October 24, 2008

Love-Hate. And More Hate Relationship

Blogger's nerve center:
A thousand pardons gentle blog reader. Yesterday's unfortunate "freak-out" by the motley-minded skainsmates at "Blogger" (it would seem an expedited abjuration of their services would be in order) has lead the blog to humbly beseech your forgiveness this rain-sodden Friday! Is there any act of servitude the blog can perform to make this wrong a right? Perhaps the boiling of an egg for your mid-afternoon repast or the quashing of a peasant uprising that threatens your barley harvest? Later then, at a more convenient time, perhaps after Saturday's croquet tournament, where we do battle with our most hated rivals "The Chili Dog/Coffee Shack"? But to the matter at hand, because of Blogger's ineptitude, the blog was unable to share with you its latest watercolor renderings of the glorious Hawley expansion. With only pulley and ox cart, trowel and mud, chewing tobacco and remaining teeth, the laborers (numbering in the thousands, and from all parts of the globe, including the mysterious Orient!) have erected a structure that upon completion will be visible for thousands of miles. It shall be christened "The Reggie Ferguson Memorial Warehouse Expansion" in honor of the blog's third grade classmate who gave his life 47 years ago when the first mud bricks were laid for the warehouse expansion's foundation. Your death (comical as it was; Reggie was inside a porta-john relieving himself of a breakfast consisting of hogmaw omelets and rancid Yoohoo when he was accidentally locked inside. Needless to say, Reggie's attempt at "tunneling" out of the porta-john resulted in a most unsavory "drowning" and subsequent removal of the feculent corpse) dear, fallen friend shall not be in vain, for in this vast expanse we shall store bobbles and trinkets from far and wide the likes of which have not been seen by man or beast!

King Edward, ruler of the warehouse? Usurper of the throne? Vanquisher of sugary snack treats? You betta believe it!!!!
The existing warehouse, missing wall and new warehouse. Bringin' walls down people:
Look at Dave's helmet boxes stacked so precariously!
More boxes stacked and yet another missing wall shot:
Look at all that insulation!!!
Will and Brantley open the door to a new tomorrow:
The new loading bay with five new docks:
First person to find The Hoff wins some cool swag (i.e. a horrible Vetta multi-tool and something from Sandy's desk (not Schnauzer related)!!!


MM said...

In the 'more boxes stacked pic...' on the box on the left, facing camera...
You can deliver it to my house on your way home from work...

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Nice try but not even close! That face belongs to Jim "Anal Thermometers Only" Snyder! Thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you and your family

Spankye said...

Open Road helmet box on Dusty's aisle??

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...