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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

From The Interbike Scrapbook of Dave Carson

A distant cousin of Ansel Adams and former babysitter of Robert Mapplethorpe, it's no surprise that Dave Carson's (Purchasing Dictator) skills with a camera are legendary. The scope of his subject matter is limitless. Airports, dimly-lit convention centers... While some photographers may ask "Why?", Dave asks "Why not, guy?" Here is a brief sampling from his newest volume "Unfettering The Bounds of Tomorrow; Soliloquy of Freedom: Interbike Retrospective of Dave Carson"

Jose, Ian and Jim wait in line. Why is Ian wearing sunglasses inside?
More waiting, this time with Brian in tow. Jim smiles after beating Ninja Gaiden for the 9th time on his Gameboy Advance.
Jose remembers the time his parents abandoned him at an airport and slips into a deep depression. Jim continues to play Ninja Gaiden, heartlessly.
A "Margin"-al display! EH? EH?
The Hawley Company set-up, minus the naked people.
Derrick discovers two Laotian immigrants stowing away in a cargo box. They are given clean clothes, fed, inoculated, repackaged and shipped to Marcus Storck. His love of Laotians is legendary.
Director of Storck USA Operations (and publisher emeritus of Storck's magazine "Just Storckin' Around") Dave G. flaunts his paper airplane-making ability. Nobody likes a show off Dave. On the floor is Jose making a crude drawing of the family who abandoned him in an airport. Let it go dude, let it go...
Here's Bruce. Make up your own caption, slacker.


Anonymous Florida sales rep said...

I think there must have been three immigrants in that box when it left Laos because one looks pretty well fed. I'm not sayin' but I'm just sayin'.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

We know what you're sayin', and we're just sayin'.

dwight yoakam said...

man, i'm sure how to say it but i'm just sayin'

Papa Wheelie said...

What are we sayin'?

Purchesi said...

That's not Jose sitting on the floor!!!