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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Big Shout-Out to Our Lone Reader in South Africa!

What's up folk? How is this Monday treatin' ya'll? Excuse me as slip into the local vernacular but I think it befits today's post. And by "befits", I mean "time to talk like how the blog really talks". Although that may mean loads of expletives, I shall (naw, how 'bout will?) remove them from the discourse and give you the straight dope, drop the science, OPEN YOUR MIND (a la Kuato from "Total Recall" with a tip of the cap to Colin) to what the blog is sayin'. What is the blog saying? Not very much as this Monday has been rather ho-hum. On a positive product note, Jose "Puerto Freakin' Rican" Texidor directed me towards the receiving department. Why you ask? Well, we got in our first order of 2009 American Classic wheels. While the road wheels don't do it for the blog, the 29er wheels are of a splacknasticus level of bling rarely seen on our aisles. Good gravy, now the blog just needs to save up his pennies and nickels and beat Jose to the purchase punch. Pictures to follow soon.

In other news, they had a ride Saturday benfitting victims of house fires and raising awareness for campus fire safety, partly inspired by the group of USC students who perished last year in a beach house fire. Good to see a charity ride instead of a run or walk as those tend to draw the riff-riff and neer do wells to our quiet city streets:

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