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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rather than impugn the bathroom habits and sexuality of fellow coworkers today, the blog has decided to take a page from the "Book of Dicky" and talk about product(s). Well, less talk and more show, but we do live in a visual age. Why take up valuable time reading when you can use that same amount of time looking, staring, gazing, deconstructing the gaze, etc.

We got in a few "new" non-machined wall track rims from the miscreants at Velocity. Gold, pink, purple and silver for now with Teak (wood grain), argyle and Suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades) coming soon. Can't wait for some enterprising young go-getter to buy some of these, build some wheels, shoot a video, make it into a DVD and then sell it for an Apu Nahasapeemapetilon styled mark-up:
I mentioned the new American Classic 29er wheels a couple posts ago. They're not the sexiest wheels out there, but for non-custom built wheels, they're quite trick. Sadly, you can't see how insanely light these puppies are. These are the pair Jose and I will fight over. Pay close attention to the red "mood spoke". It changes color based on the rider's mood and general sense of well-being:
The white set. Very funky looking in a 1987 kinda way. I dunno, what was big in 1987? "The Wraith" starring Charlie Sheen? Oh yeaaahhhhh:
Close up of the spokes. Reminiscent of those laser beams in movies about art gallery heists where the would-be thief has to avoid detection by running a gauntlet of security lasers. That movie was also called "The Wraith" and starred Charlie Sheen:

All those velocity rims reminded me of a pretty cool commercial from our friends at Hutchinson. The guy on the fixie rides around in NYC acting like an idiot but the lady on the Schwinn is somebody the blog would like to party with:

(EDIT. Oh yeah, he's riding a MASI, Eric Smith of Cane Creek, who wanted a Masi but now has to watch the hipster guy ride off of loading docks)