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Friday, October 03, 2008

Blatant Mr. Bill Rip-Off

"Hey ya'll! What smells sooo good? Oh, it's my delicious body! My name is Hush Puppy Noggin French Fry Goeppner-Cross! I am the love child spawned from a tumultuous and pants-free Interbike romance out there in the Nevada desert! I'm fried, delicious and a registered Republican who likes the ladies! If you want to learn more 'bout me, you can send me an email at hushpuppywookiekisser@gmail.com. Go ahead, it's a real email address! I'm computer literate ya'll!"

"I'll just stretch out here under Kenny's desk. Feels good to rest these tired fries!"
"Oh Lord, I have underestimated my benefactor's kindness!"
"Oooh, my delicious dried body!"
"You got some conditioner? My hush puppy is a mess!"
"All better! Better strap myself in for the ride home to Atlanta with my two Dads, Ian and Dave!"

1 comment:

dwight yoakam said...

i hope hush puppy man-boy isn't really old enough to vote . . . as nevada is a swing state this year.

i mean, it is full of swingers, but more referring election.